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Tap Floor For Professionals


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Great size, sound quality, and durability makes this the perfect floor for professional tap dancers that practice, perform, or teach often.

  • Durability - Quality Build: Will stand up to frequent, heavy use for years. Can be cleaned to restore its appearance.
  • Loudness - Very Resonant: allowing you to more easily create music using a wider range of tones & dynamics. Great performance floor.
  • Sprung? - Shock Absorbing: Includes high density padding underneath reduces stress on knees, shins, & joints.
  • Vinyl - Custom Colors: Choose from 9 custom vinyl colors to show your unique dance personality (see Color Guide)
  • Surface - Tap Anywhere: Can be used on all solid surfaces, including on carpeted areas.
  • Size - Large Dance Area: Our floors are nearly 3 feet by 4 feet (larger than almost all of our competitors) giving you more room to practice and express yourself.


  • Portable: Weighs approx. 50lbs. so 2-person lift is recommended
  • Dimensions: 30" x 48" x 2.5" (nearly 3 feet by 4 feet)
  • Wood Surface: White Oak
  • Shipping: Ships within 4 business days and arrives within 9 business days.  Note: Floors with black vinyl ship faster. Other colors may take 3 days longer to arrive.How To Choose A Tap Floor

This Video Features the Professional Tap Floor in Action

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