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You deserve to tap dance wherever you want!

Shock Absorption

Our portable tap floors are shock absorbing.
The floors include high density padding underneath to reduce stress on knees, shins & joints.

Custom Vinyl Colors

Our portable tap floors are customizable.
You can choose from 9 custom vinyl colors to show your unique dance personality.

Tap Anywhere!

Our portable tap floors can be used on all solid surfaces, including on carpeted areas.


Customer Reviews

Tap floor arrived right on schedule and I love it! Sound is excellent. I can slide it right under the sofa, out of sight (which hasn't happened yet!).

It really is a great board. I love it. Perfect size and weight. And looks good! Love the padding underneath, as I live upstairs from people, and with soft-soled practice shoes I don’t disturb them at all. Thanks for a great product! And at a reasonable price too!

I have tried several different types of tap boards, both commercial and handmade, and this one is far and above the rest...