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About Portable Tap Floor

Hello and thanks for visiting where you can customize and purchase your very own Portable Tap Floor.

My name is Terrence "Taps" and I am the creator of the portable tap floors in this store. (Click my name to learn more about me.)

I've spent years testing & researching portable tap floors and have identified the 4 key factors that make portable tap floors awesome!

These are ample size, shock absorption, good sound production, and ease of transport.

The floors here balance these factors to provide you with a perfect place to tap!

Get my free tap floor guide so you know what to look for while you shop around.

I have used my portable tap floors to perform my tap shows in schools and libraries all over the U.S.

These floors will change your life too.

You can use them to tap dance wherever you want!

Order your portable tap dance floor and dance freely! 

Your friend in rhythm,

Terrence Taps
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