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5 Ways to Profit on a Portable Tap Floor

Posted by Terrence Taps on
Money spent on a tap dance floor is an investment, not an expense.
Whether you're a beginner or already have a tap dance job, owning a tap dance board can be very profitable.
Below I discuss the 5 Profitable P's of having a tap floor at home.


"Progress" on Your Tap Dance Floor

By practicing on a tap board at home, you'll "progress" faster between tap classes. That means you will learn more tap steps, more quickly than students who are only practicing during the "once-a-week" class. 
Shall we think of it as a math problem?
Student A attends tap class once a week but forgets half of what they learn since they cannot easily practice at home.
Student B (this is you) is attending the same class but, because they own a portable tap floor, they return to class each week more prepared than their peers. 
If both students take 20 classes and pay the same amount, which student is getting a better return on their tap class investment? 
Student B obviously!         
With a tap dance board, you can end up making double, triple, or quadruple the progress of other students in your tap class and reduce how much you spend on lower level classes in the long run.


"Profess" on Your Tap Flood

If you happen to "profess" or "teach", your tap floor will become profitable even more quickly.
Consider using your tap board to teach tap in more places?
Using my tap floor, I have been able to offer in-home private tap lessons and to teach in places that are protective of their floors.
Normally teachers have to charge $100 or more per hour for private tap lessons because renting a dance studio is usually not cheap. Plus availability is a concern as most studios are booked solid between the prime hours of 5pm-9pm each weekday.  
However, if you have your own tap boards, that $100/hour goes right into your pocket. 
There was even a time when I would load multiple tap floors into the back of my truck and teach tap to kids in the park.
If you use your tap board to teach, it could pay for itself in as little as 3 private lessons!
On the other hand, if you have a tap floor in your home, you could invite tap teachers to come work with you at your home.
Since you're providing the venue, they may be more likely to accept a lower hourly rate - particularly if they live nearby! 


"Perform" on Your Tap Floor

A tap dancing board is not just a place to practice, it is also a place to "perform".
I have used the tap dancing floors sold here to perform for audiences of all ages.
I have carried my tap dancing board into libraries, elementary schools, senior centers, middle schools, high schools, clubs (alongside live musicians), church events, preschools, local festivals, and many more events.
You are only limited by your imagination!
A single local performance can more than cover the cost of your tap dancing floor.
However, if you're not quite ready to go out looking for gigs, you can still...


"Perfect" on Your Tap Floor

With a tap board, you can "perfect" your tap routines.
If you're a teacher, this might mean that you are able to develop and polish your choreography more rapidly. Thus, allowing you to devote less class time to creating the dance on the spot.
If you're a competition tap dancer, every moment spent on your tap board is an opportunity to gain an advantage on your competitors. The more deeply you have studied the steps, the more you will be able to concentrate on entertaining the audience and impressing the judges.
If your students are more successful, the studio owner will notice. As your value increases, so can your hourly rate. 
On the other hand, students have successfully used a tap board as their secret weapon when preparing for tap auditions. They have landed dance jobs because they were able to practice tap more.


"Promote" on a Tapping Floor

If you're a studio owner, or looking for a way to "promote" your tap dance business, showcasing your work on portable tap boards is quick and easy.
I worked at a dance studio that was located in a shopping center.
When the weather was nice, they would put their tapping boards outside and allow the students to go out and freely tap between classes.
This was great marketing for the studio as folks would see them having a great time on the tap boards and approach out of curiosity.
This unexpected marketing strategy constantly attracted new students to the studio and increased revenue - over and above what they paid for the floors. 



By investing in a tap dance board, you will be able to tap dance more often and in more places. Using the 5 P's above you can both save & earn more as a tap dancer.
Your friend in rhythm,
Terrence Taps

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