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Why Tap Dancing on a Portable Tap Floor is Better Than Winning the Lottery

Posted by Terrence Taps on


In a world of astronomical jackpots and dreams of poolside cocktail sipping on a private island, let's ponder one of the true pleasures of life.

Move over, lottery...

It's time to celebrate the joy of tap dancing on a portable tap floor.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Don't believe me?

Then it is time for you to discover how tap dancing enhances your life in ways a pile of cash cannot.


Benefit #1: Tax-Free T’appiness

First of all, the government can't tax tap happiness.

Unlike lottery winnings, dancing on a portable tap floor offers pure, unadulterated joy that won't attract Uncle Sam's watchful eye.

You can tap dance all you want secure in the knowledge that you'll accrue additional zero tax burden!


Benefit #2: Instant Fitness

Move over personal trainers and gym memberships!

Tap dancing on a portable tap floor is an awesome workout.

It certainly burns more calories than frantically chasing after that elusive winning lottery ticket.

It'll also shape those calves so beautifully, you might mistake yourself for a Greek sculpture!


Benefit #3: Enhanced Status

Move over Hollywood, and make room for the true celebrities!

When you tap dance on your portable tap floor, you could become an overnight sensation in your neighborhood.

Imagine the awe on your neighbors' faces as they watch & whisper about how you're the hidden gem of the cul-de-sac.


Benefit #4: Musicianship

While material wealth certainly has its benefits, tap dancing on a portable tap floor showers you with the riches of rhythm and melody.

Your tap dancing rhythms will harmonize with the soundtrack of your life.

Listen closely and you might hear your heart sing, "I got rhythm, I got music, I've got tap shoes, who can ask for anything more?"


Benefit #5: Carpe Diem

Yes! Winning a lottery often leads to frenzied excitement, but what next?

Suddenly held at the mercy of your new fortune, your life can quickly spiral into the realm of excessive shopping or questionable investments.

Tap dancing, on the other hand, helps you enjoy "right now".

From shuffle ball changes to fun time steps, you'll inhabit the present, and enjoy each moment on your portable tap floor.

Appreciate the rhythm, embrace the beat, and improve your experience of life!


Alas, if you MUST play the lottery, I wish you the best of luck!

But, regardless of whether you win or not, invest in a portable tap floor of your very own.

It might not land you on the Forbes list or bring you a private jet, but it will gift you joy, fitness, and an undeniable sense of self-expression.

The lottery may change your life, but tap dancing on your portable floor will change you.

It's time for you to choose your floor, and experience the beat of your own happiness!

Your friend in rhythm,

Terrence Taps

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