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The Portable Tap Floor™ Blog

December: Tap Christmas Music Playlist

Posted by Terrence Taps on

  The holiday season is already upon us again! Perfect for... ...spending quality time with loved ones, ...eating excellent food, ...and tap dancing to songs that aren't played at any other time of year. If you...

Tap Music Playlist: November Vibes

Posted by Terrence Taps on

  As "pumpkin spice" is added to everything from Starbuck's coffee to store bought cereal, tap dancers seek music that moves them to warm & cozy places. Tap dance to these & immediately experience the intense reds,...

The Best Dance Teacher Gift Ideas

Posted by Terrence Taps on

When preparing for your dance recital, you're also trying to decide what to get that special dancer teacher in your life. We've got some of the best dance teacher gift ideas.  TheVetDesigns - Dancer T-Shirt...

How to Make The Most of Summer as a Dancer

Posted by Terrence Taps on

Whether you're a dance teacher or a student of dance, it is THAT time of year again... Dance recital season! Right now most of us have, at least, one dance recital to attend. The most ambitious among us...

5 Ways to Profit on a Portable Tap Floor

Posted by Terrence Taps on

Money spent on a tap dance floor is an investment, not an expense. Whether you're a beginner or already have a tap dance job, owning a tap dance board can be very profitable. Below I discuss the 5 Profitable P's of having...