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satisfaction guaranteed

The Perfect Portable Tap Floor™



No Assembly Required.
Fast Delivery in 7-10 business days.

Weight: 20lbs.

Dimensions: 30" x 48" x 2" 


We guarantee that your floor will be:
Padded and shock absorbent to reduce pain and discomfort.

Lightweight and easy to transport (just 20lbs).

Large! You'll have plenty of room to tap dance freely (2.5ft x 4ft).

Easy to use on carpeted AND non-carpeted surfaces.

Includes code for 50% off online tap lessons.
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See the Birch floor in action:

See the Finished Birch floor in action:

Can these floors be used on carpet?

Yes, definitely! These portable tap floors can be used on everything from carpet to concrete.

What kind of wood is used for the surface?

At this time all floors feature the Russian Birch surface (finished or without finish). We do not currently have the OSB floor in stock due to recent lumber shortages.


What is the benefit of adding the finish?

The finish extends the life of the floor by absorbing some of the inevitable wear and tear. It is also good for dancers who like their floor to be a bit more slippery. If you want a non-slip floor, don't add the finish. 


How long will it take to receive my tap board?

Our tap dance floors usually ship within 2 business days and arrive on your doorstep within 7 business days. Floors with black vinyl tend to ship out more quickly. Other colors may take up to 3 days longer to arrive. 


What are the exact dimensions of the these floors?

All of our portable tap dance floors are 30 inches by 48 inches - 2.5 feet x 4 feet.

How much do these tap floors weigh?

Approximately 20lbs


Where do the floors ship from?

Each tap floor ships from the great state of Washington in the Pacific Northwest.

What is your return policy?

We will replace your portable tap floor if it arrives damaged or is lost in transit. Please review the features of the floor very carefully to ensure that it works for your situation. If there is a problem with your tap board, please notify within 7 days of receiving your shipment and we will make arrangements to rectify the situation up to & including refund (less shipping charges) if warranted.


Do you ship to customers outside the US?

Unfortunately, we are only able to ship tap floors to addresses within the continental U.S (the lower 48) due to high international shipping costs & fees. Sorry! 


Can these connect to create a larger dance floor?

This portable tap floor is not designed to replace an in-home dance studio. Instead, it is intended to act as a small tap practice floor that students can use in the garage, in their room, in the living room while watching television, or anywhere else.

I don't live on the ground floor, can I still use the portable tap floor?

Unfortunately, nothing can keep you from disturbing downstairs neighbors with your tap dancing! But this tap dance floor is lightweight and easy to transport, allowing you to carry it down to your community's fitness center with ease. The vinyl bottom will reassure maintenance staff that the tap dance floor will not damage the flooring in the common areas. We also recommend that you talk to your neighbors about times that your dancing will not disturb them.


portable tap floor reviews
"Hi Terrence!!!!! I am so excited!!! My new TAP board arrived yesterday. I LOVE it, and THANK you so much!!!! For years I have avoided practicing at home because of having no shock absorbency....and sometimes I was guilty of tapping on concrete. (yikes) But I am soooo happy to have your tap board, and it's such a great idea, and works perfectly. I feel good about tapping knowing my shins won't suffer, and I appreciate the fact I still get a tap sound and it's not muffled. I love that it really is so lightweight and easy to transport around. (and your son is equally as smart for turning it over) :-)"



"Hey Terrence! Two of my dance group members bought your portable floors, and we used them in a performance at a local coffee house tonight. They were a great addition to the small stage, and they allowed us to spread out. (Lightweight, and easy to... dance on.) I came home and ordered one for myself! Thanks!" 



"Hi I have tried several different types of tap boards, both commercial and handmade, and this one is far and above the rest. Most tap boards are too heavy, too easily scratched, too hard on your knees, or don't provide any subtlety in the sounds. This board is different, and a big improvement over what I've experienced before."



"I got my portable tap floor Friday and really like it! I really like the bounce and feel. I really thought it was going to be heavier, but I really like how it is light enough to carry from place to place without breaking my back. Also, it stays in place on the carpet, no matter how much I tap and slide around on top of it! I used to tape boards together from Home Depot to create a dance floor and they kept moving and breaking apart, plus it was too slippery! Wow! You really invented something great and should be proud of it. Every tap dancer should have one of these dance floors no matter what level! This really feels good to dance on, considering the fact I am shin splint prone and get terrible pains if I dance on the wrong floors!"



"Just wanted to say thank you I haven't seem my wife so happy and excited about tapping in years."


"In 2010 I had purchased your tap floor, and as I was tapping on it today I remembered my first time getting the board in the mail 7 years ago and how excited i was. I can't believe how time flies! I just wanted to (7 years later) thank you so much for creating a great board that stayed in shape through half my years of tap dancing. This board has heard my happiest and roughest emotions as I grew, so thank you for this, because every time I look at the tap board I remember all of the great memories I had growing up as a tapper."


"I got my Tap board last Monday and I love it!!!! It is really helping me with my rehearsals and preparing for my number."



"Tap floor arrived right on schedule and I love it! Sound is excellent. I can slide it right under the sofa, out of sight (which hasn't happened yet!)."


 Which color vinyl reflects your style?

tap floor color chart

**Note: Tap Floors with black vinyl ship faster. Other colors may take 3 days longer to arrive.